A small, hard-working landscaping business based in San Francisco. Established in 2007, we hit

the ground running with our sustainable approach to landscaping.

Sandy Lee "Phoenix" Jungwirth

Phoenix started gardening in Wisconsin as soon as she was old enough to place seeds in the ground. Her family grew the majority of fruits and vegetables that they consumed throughout the year.

She has been gardening in San Francisco since 2004, and began her landscaping business in 2007. She gained her Certificate in Urban Permaculture in 2009, and received her Associate in Science in Landscape Gardening and Landscape Contracting in December 2012. She is a licensed C-27 Landscape Contractor. License #992937.

Patrick Carter
Lead Gardening Assistant

Patrick has always been fascinated by the natural sciences and has long studied plants, animals, and ecology for many years. This fascination led him to the planted aquarium and reef aquarium hobby. He has also been employed with the California Academy of Sciences as an on-call biologist since 2010. Patrick has been with Green Earth Gardeners since 2012.

He has done extensive work in the horticulture field primarily focusing on aquatic plants, tropical plants, living walls, ponds, permaculture, nano farming, small spaces and the re-creation of habitats. He is currently working with Neil Bobo, owner of Pond Revival on ponds, fountains, and aquatic displays in the East Bay as well as running his own exclusive gardening business LeftCoast Gardening and Aquatics with clients throughout Oakland and Berkley. Patrick has been with Green Earth Gardeners since 2012.

Insley Smullen
Gardening Assistant

Raised on the edge of Northern Appalachia, Insley descends from a long line of subsistence farmers; much of her childhood was spent digging, weeding, and harvesting in her grandparents' garden. As an adult, she traded the deciduous forests of Maryland for the sandy, muddy marshes of coastal Georgia, where she spent years as a gardener for local bed and breakfasts. 


Now in California, Insley is eagerly learning the new biome she calls home. A student of ornithology, biology, botany, and poetry, Insley received her MFA at Hollins University and published her first chapbook of poetry in 2013. 

Daniel Southard
Lead Gardening Assistant

With a background in horticulture, botany, and visual arts, Daniel has spent most of his life involved in and fascinated with the green world. He has broad experience in the gardening field including design, large-scale landscape installation, maintenance, plant identification, photography, field collection of seeds, food growing, and farm work.


He was the owner of Potato Rock Nursery in far northern California for 17 years which specialized in California native and Mediterranean climate zone seed-grown rarities and selling to designers and gardeners at the farmers market and via mail-order. He has a BA in Spanish Literature from Humboldt State and an MFA in Fine Art from SF State.

Sasha Gonzalez
Gardening Assistant

Sasha is a San Francisco native who has been gardening for three years. His favorite plant is the Breadseed poppy and its many ornamental cultivars. He loves the creative freedom that gardening provides and the soothing effect of a great garden.

“Phoenix is an asset to the horticultural community in San Francisco. She is a focused and determined young woman."


Thomas Wang, Environmental Horticulture Instructor at City College San Francisco

© Sandy Jungwirth

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