A small, hard-working landscaping business based in San Francisco. Established in 2007, we hit

the ground running with our sustainable approach to landscaping.

Sandy Lee "Phoenix" Jungwirth

Phoenix started gardening in Wisconsin as soon as she was old enough to place seeds in the ground. Her family grew the majority of fruits and vegetables that they consumed throughout the year.

She has been gardening in San Francisco since 2004, and began her landscaping business in 2007. She gained her Certificate in Urban Permaculture in 2009, and received her Associate in Science in Landscape Gardening and Landscape Contracting in December 2012. She is a licensed C-27 Landscape Contractor. License #992937.

Patrick Carter
Lead gardening assistant

Patrick has always been fascinated by the natural sciences and has studied plants and animals for many years. He has also been employed with the California Academy of Sciences as an on-call biologist since 2010. Patrick has been with Green Earth Gardeners since 2012.

He has done extensive work in the horticulture field, primarily focusing on aquatic and tropical plants, living walls, and the re-creation of habitats. He is currently majoring in Environmental Horticulture and Biology at City College San Francisco (CCSF). Through CCSF, he was awarded the Alice Eastwood scholarship in 2011 and 2012.

Garrett Moss
Gardening Assistant

As a late bloomer, Garrett realized he loved plants and ecology as an adult, when he began working and volunteering at organic farms around the bay area, including Green String Farm and Little City Gardens. He also volunteers at the Berkeley Student Organic Garden and at the Presidio doing ecosystem restoration. Garrett has been with Green Earth Gardeners since 2015.


Garrett received his Permaculture Design Certificate from the Urban Permaculture Institute of San Francisco and his BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley.

Daniel Southard
Gardening Assistant

Daniel is a gardener, horticulturalist, designer, and visual artist with 30+ years of experience with plants. Former proprietor of Potato Rock Nursery. Daniel is the newest member of our team!

“Phoenix is an asset to the horticultural community in San Francisco. She is a focused and determined young woman."


Thomas Wang, Environmental Horticulture Instructor at City College San Francisco

© Sandy Jungwirth

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